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J Horsey Music Tuition
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Whether you want to learn to play the guitar for the first time, are coming back to playing after a long break or want to develop your performance technique and music theory knowledge; my lessons provide a comprehensive and personal programme of study to help you to achieve your learning goals. 


I also provide vocal coaching  to develop your singing alongside guitar accompaniment lessons if this is something you are interested in. 


With my lessons you can:


  • Learn from an experienced Registry of Guitar Tutors(RGT@LCM) member with a degree in music, who is also a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians
  • Gain internationally recognised qualifications
  • Construct tailored lesson plans to suit your individual learning goals
  • Have consultation lessons for GCSE and A-Level Music from an ex-Head of Music & qualified secondary school teacher
  • Develop performance, composition and general musicianship skills in a variety of styles
  • Interact with other students at my guitar & vocal workshops, concerts and in the student forum
  • Enjoy exploring a world of music


All my lessons take place in my dedicated music teaching studio.


I have an Enhanced DBS certificate and Public/Professional Liability insurance, as well as in depth Safeguarding and Child protection training from my experience as a secondary school teacher.


Please feel free to peruse my professional profiles with any the following organisations, all of which I am a full member of:


Registry of Guitar Tutors

(which is affiliated with the London College of Music)


Incorporated Society of Musicians


Musicians Union


If you have any questions or want to organise a trial lesson, feel free to contact me.

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Do I need to bring my own instrument to my lessons?
I'm about to retire and I have never played the guitar before. Is it too late to start?
How long will it take me to learn my favourite song?
I just want to play the guitar for fun. Do I have to study specific pieces of music, or take exams?
Do you travel for lessons and could you provide them in my home?
Why do you only offer 45 minute lessons to 'Junior' students and why do you not offer 30 minute lessons?
Me and my friend/colleague would like to have our lesson at the same time, will this be okay?
What is the 'Registry of Guitar Tutors' and why are you a member?
What qualifications can you help me to gain and are they recognised by universities and employers?
How much will I have to practice between lessons?
Who counts as a 'Concession' student?
How should I pay for my lessons?
Will I be charged for missing a scheduled lesson (and/or will this be deducted from my lesson series - for those paying by bulk)?

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Highly recommended.

I can’t recommend Joshua highly enough. Prior to my guitar lessons I had absolutely no experience of playing a musical instrument even in my youth. Joshua had to be very patient, starting from the very basic skills required to play the most basic tunes up to being able to play more complicated popular music. I would definitely have continued lessons with Joshua had it not been for the distance we now live apart.

Andrew Hubbard on 26-04-2019

Electric Guitar Lessons
I'm 68 years old and finally learning the electric guitar I bought when I retired 6 years ago. I've found Joshua to be the perfect teacher for me. He took the time to find out about my musical tastes and tailored my lessons around them. Joshua is extremely patient and has allowed me to control the speed at which I progress whilst still managing to give me the confidence to try things I think I will not be able to achieve. I'm thoroughly enjoying my lessons and looking forward to performing my first Eric Clapton tribute concert!!

Norman Burtons on 14-08-2019

Joshua is fun, observant and focused.
My 11 year old has just started singing her own music with Josh, I loved the way he just picked up his guitar and started sorting cords out, her face was WOW. Also Josh noticed when Jazz was feeling shy and a little uncomfortable and got her to stand up and do funny noises to make her laugh but also help her vocals. Josh is fun,observant and focused.

Sarah DiDonato on 14-08-2019

Joshua is totally professional. 5 star experience!!
As a 74 year old total ukulele beginner with no musical history I booked my lessons with Joshua with a degree of trepidation, I need not have worried, Joshua is totally professional and managed to make me feel totally at ease from the very first moment, now 3 months and 12 lessons later I feel progress has been made and I can now join in with my local town ukulele band with a degree of confidence. 5 star experience!!

Haydn C on 05-03-2020

Mr Horsey is my ideal tutor - organised, flexible, fun and skilled teacher
As an older person currently learning to play solo ukulele, finger plucking style, and hoping to go on to re-learn the Classical Guitar, my ideal tutor would be organised,flexible,fun and a skilled teacher. Well I have found him ! Mr Horsey is all of these things and also superbly encouraging. You leave each lesson highly motivated.

Maggie H on 07-03-2020

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